Hi. I'm Hunter, actual local Nashvillian that creates things. Over the past five years, I've learned a lot. I left a job with the San Francisco Giants to return home and begin a creative career. I started out managing projects for digome, a digital agency concentrating on launching and rebranding web properties. Under the same management, I created and launched a venture-backed legal software brand, cicayda. 

Just to busy things up a tad, I developed two successful web stores. Creating, producing, selling and fulfilling products all on a solo mission. One shop's products found their way to stores throughout the city, The Hood Shop. The other, Prinstant Replays, has found it's way to SportsIllustrated, Fab, Huckbery, Jackthreads, and Uncrate, among other sites. 

This mixture of experience leaves me feeling well equipped to lead creative projects. 

I'm a blend - of business and creativity. In my experience, creative people need a business sense, and business people lack a creative sense, I feel blessed to blend the two into one role. 

I'm efficient - I like getting things done in a 

I like leading - Leading teams, and especially managing relationships. I've had great success communicating 

Here's a campaign to show you some campaigns I've produced.